BEGAN: June 13th, 2016  &  ENDED: August 15th, 2016.

(During this week of 8/22/16)
LATE Fall Registration is only OPEN for Limited HOURS & for LIMITED TIME.

Any Athlete wanting to Register for the 2016 FALL SPORTS SEASON, will have to NOW do so either during this weeks Training Room Hours (10AM - 2PM) or if your experiencing a problem, you will have to do it IN PERSON, 
from the Training Room, during the above hours.

Any Athlete wanting to practice on the First OFFICIAL Day of practice, 
for a Fall Sports Season, must have their Registration completed, 
submitted and reviewed, before practicing. 


To Access to the Registration Process Forms, please "CLICK" on the "Activities Registration", (drop down menu) in the BLUE Menu Bar, on this page. 

Please DO NOT USE a CELL PHONE for this process.
A LOSS in cell phone service, during the REGISTRATION PROCESS,
will CANCEL your efforts to register for a sport. 

If you have any questions, concern or problems with this registration process, 
please don't hesitate to contact the Athletic Director,
Fred Crippen, (Office # 1-508-336-7272, Ext. 249).